Our Vision

OurEvolution was founded on the concept that one must be the change one wishes to see in the world. In a sea of large, faceless, corporate engineering and technology firms driven primarily by profit, OurEvolution’s “professional collaborative” approach represents one way that we are dedicated to this change.

Our network of highly trained professionals collaborate on a variety of projects through strategic teaming agreements and independent contracts, working only on projects that interest and excite them. This is how OurEvolution keeps its overhead low and our pool of intellectual capital and as deep or deeper than the biggest of engineering and technology firms.  Additionally, because our team members are largely independent, they work on fewer projects than they would at a traditional firm which allows them to focus on your project, from the initial client meeting through construction oversight.  When you call your OurEvolution consultant, you’ll be speaking directly to a person who has intimate knowledge of your project.

Our clients benefit from the efficiencies of the professional collaborative approach in the following ways: custom assembled teams of professionals tailored to the specific requirements of their projects; direct access to teams of leading professionals; greater flexibility in contracting; passionate professionals dedicated to the success of their project; and lower fees. Furthermore, OurEvolution is very selective about the projects we pursue, and the clients we work for. We are dedicated to completing high quality work that produces the maximum benefit for our clients and communities.

OurEvolution understands that we are in a period of transition to a new era where more energy efficient and environmentally conscious systems are at the cornerstone of a more sustainable society. We are dedicated to helping our community and the communities we serve make the most of this transition.

Collaborative Partners