Commercial Facility Energy Assessments

Evaluating the existing “energy conditions” of your site and organization is critical to developing your plan for the future.   OurEvolution has extensive experience conducting whole building energy analyses.  We have completed assessments for hundreds of facilities varying in size, type and configuration.  These analyses include pre-project energy surveys, ASHRAE Commercial Energy Assessments and Investment Grade Audits.  This level of experience gives us unique insights into the types of analyses that are appropriate and the types of energy efficiency opportunities that we look for in subject facilities.

No one wants to pay for a report that goes unread and unimplemented.  Therefore, OurEvolution strives to provide cost-effective assessments that will lead to greater returns for our clients, therefore, we never recommend a “one size fits all” energy assessment.  Instead, we rely on our experience and input from the client to characterize existing facility conditions as well as, project goals and budgets to determine the appropriate level of analysis.  As part of our assessment services, OurEvolution identifies all potential funding sources available for the implementation of our recommendations.  To date, OurEvolution has obtained nearly $900,000 in Federal, State and Utility incentives to assist our clients in making their energy efficiency projects a reality.

Renewable Energy Resource Assessments and Feasibility Studies

OurEvolution engineers are adept in determining what type of renewable energy system or cutting-edge energy production technology  is best suited for your site and organization.  We have successfully assisted clients in the evaluation and selection of renewable energy systems including solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, ground-sourced heat pumps, microhydro, biomass and combined heat and power.  These evaluations will ensure that your organization makes the right choices in planning for your energy future.

Strategic Energy Planning

Whether you manage one facility or have a whole portfolio of buildings, a Strategic Energy Plan can provide a clear, prioritized path for implementing your energy projects.  Working closely with decision makers, stakeholders and staff, we can assist you in clearly delineating your institution’s energy mission, goals and services, existing energy conditions and opportunities.  With this plan in place, projects can be completed in an organized manner that supports your institution’s energy vision.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy System Design, Construction and Commissioning

OurEvolution can assist you in taking your energy projects from concept to implementation. Whether your energy project was determined through the Commercial Facility Energy Assessment process or by on-site operations staff, our team of licensed engineers and contractors can assist you with engineering design, permitting, environmental compliance, bidding, contracting, construction, supply and equipment procurement and system commissioning.

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