Engineering and Project Development Services
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our licensed civil engineers provide a variety of permitting, environmental compliance, design and construction services including: stormwater conveyance and treatment, sustainable site development, water and wastewater treatment, public infrastructure, roads, renewable energy power systems, CEQA and NEPA support, environmental site assessment, environmental remediation and restoration and more…   Call us to discuss your project.

Sustainable Site Development Services

OurEvolution specializes in working with motivated teams to bring projects to fruition. We provide project management services for sustainability-based projects including but not limited to: visioning, planning, permitting, financing, implementation and documentation. We can assist in identifying the key barriers to project completion and will work creatively with your team to resolve them. We can also support your team by developing baseline and project data collection systems, spreadsheet tools for data analysis, and reporting templates to fulfill grant or regulatory requirements.

Further, OurEvolution provides proposal/solicitation development, response review, criteria development, technology selection assistance, as well as project coordination and oversight.  If you have a project that is in need of furtherance, or you would like to hire an outside specialist to strengthen the project development capacity within your existing team, contact OurEvolution for a preliminary consultation.

Climate Change Adaption Planning

OurEvolution provides Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction planning & advising. These services include: GHG emissions inventory development, identification of GHG reduction opportunities, and solution prioritization analyses. OurEvolution can help you ascertain the most suitable mix of GHG emissions reduction measures and low-carbon energy alternatives to achieve the highest level of positive environmental and social impacts.

Strategic Waste Reduction Planning

OurEvolution can assist communities, businesses and organizations in establishing traditional recycling systems as well as organic waste diversion and processing capacity.  Our services include waste diversion/utilization planning, stakeholder engagement, alternatives analysis, and coordination of full program execution.

Further, the OurEvolution team specializes in anaerobic digestion (AD) project development.  From feedstock sourcing to feasibility analyses, technology selection, permitting and co-product end-use assessment – the OurEvolution team will work with you and the community to realize your AD project vision in a timely and elegant manner.  As part of a project development contract, OurEvolution can also assist in grant writing, management and results reporting.  If you would like to start a waste reduction program, have an organic waste stream in need of processing or would like to find out if an anaerobic digester system is the appropriate solution for your needs, call OurEvolution for an initial consultation.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Our team of highly qualified engineers can handle most design situations but when we need specialized expertise, our existing network of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers is ready to support our clients and projects.  This simplifies the process for most project owners as they only have to rely on one firm to provide all of the technical support they need for their project while letting us do what we do best… engineer the most cost effective solution to the problem (opportunity) at hand.

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