Coeur d’Alene Energy Efficiency Analyses

OurEvolution has nearly completed one of the largest projects we have undertaken to date with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe located in Idaho. Under this project, OurEvolution engineers completed energy evaluations of 38 tribally owned and operated buildings including the Tribal Casino and Resort, Golf Course, Early Childhood Learning Center, Elementary and High Schools, Government Offices, Fire Station, Medical Center, Wellness Center and more…  Additionally, OurEvolution engineers completed energy modeling and energy conservation measure identification, evaluation and prioritization.   This Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study was funded by the Department of Energy’s Tribal Energy Program.  One of the target projects, located at the Benewah Market, received an additional $250,o00 from the DOE for implementation.  This project will upgrade the markets refrigeration infrastructure which will benefit the market and community by lowering the energy, operation and maintenance expenditures for the store which will likely reduce food prices while increasing refrigeration reliability.

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