ASHRAE Level II Energy Audits and Strategic Energy Planning for the Native Village of St. Michael, Alaska

As part of the Native Village of St. Michaels, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program, OurEvolution engineers provided baseline energy audits, of the main Tribal Facilities and housing stock. These facilities included the Tribal Administration Building, School, Washateria, City Hall, water and wastewater treatment facilities. Additionally, OurEvolution provided energy audits of eight representative residences within the village. In addition to energy opportunties, OE engineers were able to identify indoor air quality issues and necessary mitigation measures within several of the Tribal Housing units.

As part of the Strategic Energy Planning Process, OurEvolution engineers met with community and city leaders to assess the priorities and goals of the village with respect to energy planning. The results of these baseline energy assessments and meetings were compiled and used to complete a project prioritization matrix and Strategic Energy Plan which now serves as the community’s foundational energy planning document. This document is currently being used to leverage funds from funding agencies to implement the initial projects detailed in the SEP. As one of the initial projects, OurEvolution will be providing training to community members in order to complete energy auditing certification so that they will able to enhance their “on the ground” capacity to address their own energy issues.

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